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Maintenance Methods

Inspection Content of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

1. Ensure the cleanliness of explosion-proof electrical equipment and its vicinity, devoid of any obstructive debris.

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2. Confirm the sturdy fixation of explosion-proof electrical equipment, check for an intact enclosure, tight screws, and absence of corrosion.

3. Verify the stability of the electrical input devices, intactness of seals (including multiple wiring entries), and secure connections.

4. Inspect the integrity of the grounding wire for the explosion-proof equipment, checking for corrosion, detachment, and undamaged steel wire on armored cables.

5. Assess the reliability of interlocking mechanisms on the explosion-proof electrical equipment.

6. Ensure temporary lines and devices at the site adhere to explosion-proof standards.

7. Validate the normal functioning of explosion-proof electrical equipment, with operational parameters like current, voltage, pressure, and temperature within permissible ranges.

8. Check that junction boxes, input devices, isolation seal boxes, and flexible conduits meet explosion-proof standards.

9. Inspect for significant corrosion on the casing of motors, electrical components, instruments, and equipment bodies, ensuring the soundness of anti-loosening and screw-lock interlocking devices.

10. For oil-filled explosion-proof devices, ensure oil levels are above the indicator line, check for clear oil indicators, discharge facilities, and no leakage or seepage.

11. Confirm that the air source and pressure for pressurized explosion-proof devices comply with requirements, and the pressure alarm system is functional.

12. Examine cables or steel conduits for any looseness, detachment, damage, or corrosion. Ensure reliable grounding connections, rust-free grounding devices, and acceptable grounding resistance.



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