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Technical Specifications

Inspection Requirements for Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Inspection, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment, while largely mirroring standard electrical practices, also embody unique aspects characteristic of explosion-proof requirements.

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Key guidelines for the upkeep of explosion-proof electrical apparatus are:

1. Establishment and adherence to a robust system for inspecting and repairing explosion-proof electrical equipment, complemented by relevant regulations.

2. Qualified explosion-proof specialists should carry out inspections and maintenance tasks.

3. Maintenance of detailed technical documentation and comprehensive repair logs for all explosion-proof electrical units.

4. Scheduling of inspection and maintenance should reflect the actual on-site conditions and align with the manufacturer’s recommended inspection intervals and criteria.

5. Explosion-proof certifications must encompass the equipment’s name, its explosion-proof properties, the inspector’s identity, and the date of inspection.

6. Units meeting explosion-proof standards post-inspection should be issued updated certifications; those failing to meet standards should be clearly marked with “Explosion-Proof Failure” in red and visibly labeled.

7. Careful handling of explosion-proof equipment is imperative to prevent damage from impacts or collisions.

8. Prior to accessing explosion-proof electrical devices, all power sources, including the neutral wire, must be disconnected to ensure total isolation and guard against inadvertent power supply.

9. Care should be taken not to damage sealing rings during inspections and repairs to prevent the infiltration of hazardous materials into the device.



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