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Product Classification

Classification Of Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

To meet market demands, explosion-proof cabinet manufacturers have further refined their mainstream models, including variations in colors and sizes.

explosion proof distribution box bxm(dx) double-9

Categorization by Function:

Power distribution cabinets

Lighting distribution cabinets

Power testing cabinets

Control cabinets

Socket cabinets

Categorization by Power Type:

High-voltage and low-voltage (commonly divided into 380V and 220V) for strong electric cabinets
Weak electric cabinets (generally safe voltage, below 42V), such as fire weak electric cabinets, broadcast multimedia distribution cabinets

Categorization by Material:

1. Aluminum alloy

2. 304 stainless steel

3. Carbon steel (steel plate welding)

4. Engineering plastics and fiberglass

Categorization by Structure:

Panel type, box type, cabinet type

Categorization by Installation Method:

Surface-mounted (wall-hanging), embedded (in-wall), floor-standing

Categorization by Usage Environment:

Indoor, outdoor

The above are the categorization methods for explosion-proof distribution cabinets, compiled to assist in your selection process.



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