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Product Classification

Classification of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

GB3836.1-2010 “Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: Equipment General Requirements” classifies explosion-proof electrical equipment into two primary types based on their usage environments: Class I and Class II electrical devices.

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Class I Electrical Equipment

This type is specifically designed for use in environments related to underground coal mining and the surface processing of coal. It primarily refers to electrical devices operating in areas where both methane and coal dust are present. The underground coal mining production environment is notoriously challenging, characterized by the presence of flammable gases like methane, combustible dust like coal ash, and additional adversities such as moisture, humidity, and mold. These conditions impose stringent new demands on the design, manufacturing, and utilization of electrical equipment.

Class II Electrical Equipment

These devices cater to explosive gas environments outside of coal mines and typically refer to electrical equipment functioning in surface conditions (including both combustible gas and dust environments).



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